No hardware costs, no licenses, nothing to install - just plain sailing!

Why should pricing be so complicated? Just pick the plan that suits you.

Simple pricing

Our simple usage-based pricing means you won’t get locked into contracts - just pick the plan that meets your needs. All Waives plans are billed monthly and include a fixed number of credits each month. You can use your credits to access any features of the Waives service.

No hidden fees

No hidden fees or punitive overages.

Volume discounts

The more you use, the less you pay.

Batteries Included

All plans have access to all features.


£100 / month


2,500 / month


Price per additional credit


Free Trial


£500 / month


25,000 / month


Price per additional credit


Free Trial


£2000 / month


200,000 / month


Price per additional credit


Free Trial


£6000 / month


1,000,000 / month


Price per additional credit


Free Trial


Document Classification
1 credit per document
Data Extraction
1 credit per document
Invoice Data Extraction
4 credits per document
0.25 credits per page

30-day Free Trial

Want to explore the service, or do some testing before you pick a plan? Our 30-day free trial includes 10,000 credits, so sign up and you could be processing your documents in just a few minutes! 

Have a custom requirement?

Like what Waives can do but want to explore how it can address a more custom problem? The technology that underpins Waives can be used to tackle a wide range of document-related challenges and can be deployed in a variety of ways. We’d love to talk to you about your needs.